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Group III O-Flight Day and Cadet Ground Training

posted Feb 17, 2014, 2:58 PM by Andrew Theismann
Our first Group III O-Flight Day will be THIS Saturday 22 Feb 14 at KTRL.

Our priority for these flights are those who are newer in the program and have not had their First Flight.  Each unit will be given TWO (2) slots for cadets with the exception of TX-803 which will receive FOUR (4) slots due to the number of cadets without flights.  All Group III Aircraft will be on site.  Each aircraft will complete an O-Flight with a cadet on the inbound and outbound.

We expect two cadets from each unit to participate in the O-Flights.  If your unit does not have any cadets who want to participate, please let me know so that I can get cadets from other units to take the open slots.

We are also providing an opportunity for a CADET SAREX during this activity.  We will be providing training in Flight Line, Ground Team (primarily UDF), Mission Radio Operations, ICUT, and other training as needed.

More often than not, our regular SAR exercises cater to the Senior Members, this exercise is specifically for the CADETS.  The OPS Plan is attached.

Sign-In will be at 0800 for those cadets who do NOT have an inbound O-Flight.

The registration will be handled through the Group III Website.  Commanders, you will need to enter the cadets that you will have flying.  Cadets participating in the Ground Training can register themselves.  Also, we would like all Senior Members attending to register as well.

O-Pilots can register under the Commander's Only Flight Registration Link.

We will have limited opportunity for Senior Training in Mission Base Staff and Flight Line.

The registration forms are located here: