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Members Home

Welcome to the Members-Only section of our website.  You will find contact information and other protected information on this site.

To log-in to the Members-Only Section of our Website please follow the link below.

Your Username is your CAPID
Your Password is your CAPID and DOB in the following format:

Lt Col Cap Member CAPID 123456 DOB 12/01/1941
Password: 123456121941

If you cannot gain access please contact the webmaster at webmaster@group3txwing.org

Warning: The information you are receiving is protected from interception or disclosure. 
Any person who intentionally intercepts or illegally uses, distributes, reproduces or discloses its 
contents is subject to the penalties set forth in 18 United States Code Section 2511 and/or 
related state and federal laws of the United States.